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02    life experiences

Have you ever heard the saying "You learn something new every day"? 

Sometimes it doesn't feel like that but it's true! We are always learning new skills and ideas as we experience 'normal' life. 

Remember, your Explore portfolio is only for you! You don't have to share it with anyone else if you don't want to.

life experiences

What’s happened in your life?  What have you done in your life? For now, don't think about work or education. How about...

Moving house

Family events

Big moments

Significant memories


Camps or residential trips


Group activities (e.g. choirs, sport teams, arts projects)

...and anything else you can think of.

Image by Dimi Katsavaris


It can be helpful to reflect on some of the challenges that we've had to face and the skills that we might have developed along the way. Here are some questions to ask yourself...


What have I struggled with in life?

What kind of challenges have I come up against?

What did I do to manage these challenges?

How did I cope in those difficult times?

Why is this an important part of my story?


May include challenges relating to: Family, finances, drugs or alcohol, housing, education, illness, racism or xenophobia, other prejudices, mental health difficulties and much more.   

Image by HH E
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