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Congratulations! You've nearly finished creating your Explore Portfolio. But remember, you can always update it as you gain more experience and learn new skills. 

Finish up by making sure you have some references and jotting down any other notes.


For most opportunities you’ll need to provide two references including the referees' contact details. 

Look through your portfolio - who could verify some of your work? 


This could be a previous employer, teacher, colleague, and don't forget your Experience Works. Make sure you ask them for permission, before putting them down as a referee. 


If you're not sure who your referees could be, have a chat with your mentor and fill this in once you have worked it out. 



Signing Forms

other notes

This is a spare page for you to note down anything else you like, including ideas, reminders, and extra pictures and web links. You can also copy and paste extra pages into your portfolio if you need more space.


Now it's time to use your portfolio TO start applying (or practice applying) for opportunities.


Head back to the main site and click on GIVE IT A GO. 

Image by Jo Szczepanska
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