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Don't worry if you've never done any paid work. This section can also include work experience placements and visits, volunteering and any other experience you may have had with an employer. 

work experience 

You'll be expected to list all of your previous employment on most application forms and CVs. So it's good to get it all down in one place (your portfolio!) now so it's ready for when you need it. 

The template will also ask you to think about what you learnt from these experiences, including how you worked well and overcame any workplace challenges. 

Remember, you're storing up this information so that you can use it later in applications and interviews. 

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Remember, transferable skills are skills that you can use in lots of different contexts. For example: 

Alex did a work experience placement at a pet shop. However, he would really like to work in the travel and tourism sector and is currently applying to become a trainee travel agent. What transferable skills might Alex have from his time at the pet shop, that he could use in his application for the travel agents?

At the pet shop, Alex developed skills in customer service, product knowledge, attention to detail, and processing payments. Think about it - how could these be useful skills for a travel agent to have? 

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