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Some people don't have very many qualifications, and other people have lots. Try not to worry - if you don't have any, why not list some that you might like to work towards in the future? 

If you do have some, try to include some links to relevant websites, photos or videos. 

list of qualifications

This might include GCSEs, CSCS card, Level 1 and 2 qualifications, A Levels, BTECs, diplomas, and more. 

If you don't have any qualifications, why not list some that you might like to work towards in the future?


Don't worry if you don't have all of the information you need to hand. Ask your mentor to help you find it out and finish filling out the table another time. 

Do you know where your certificates for these are? Could you find them? You may need these if you'd like to do another course in the future.

Students In Uniform


School, college or university isn't just about what formal qualifications you come away with. Sometimes there's a difference between the certificates you did or didn't get, and what you actually learnt. For example, Jack didn't pass his English GCSE but he was really good at thinking up stories and learnt lots of creative writing techniques at school.

It's important to remember and be proud of all the things that you did learn, even if you didn't come away with the formal qualification or certificate. 

Can you think of your own example that's similar to Jack's? Try to name something specific - not just a general GCSE or subject.

Students in a Science Class

using my education

Transferrable skills are skills that you can use in different jobs. For example...

  • In school science lessons, we learn to be very careful and stay safe when using equipment. This is also a very important skill to have in lots of jobs, such as working in kitchens, on building sites and handling manual equipment.

  • In drama and music, we learn to be confident and present ourselves to an audience. This is a great skill to have for many sectors, including travel and tourism, retail, performing arts, customer service and much more. 

Clay Artist
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